2017: Cleveland, OH

2018: Denver, CO

2019: Atlanta, GA

2020: Virtual Conference: The State of the Black Prosecutor: Empowered & Emboldened to Change the Narrative.

2021: Chicago, Illinois

2022: Houston, Texas

2023: Western Regions

  • Northwest Region (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska)
  • Southwest Region (California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii)
  • Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico)

2024: Eastern Regions

  • Northeast Regional Director (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware)
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Director (Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina)
  • Southeast Regional Director (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico)
  • New England Regional Director (Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts)

2025: Midwest Regions

  • Great Lakes Region (Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota)
  • Great Plains Region (Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota)
  • Southern Region (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas)

Thank you for your interest in hosting a future annual NBPA conference and job fair (“annual conference”). The annual conference is by far our largest and most significant event as an organization. It is during the annual conference that members, friends, educators, and high-ranked government officials come together to fellowship, teach, learn, and reflect on our collective mission of empowering and recruiting African American prosecutors. Thus, the success of the annual conference is vital to our overall success as an organization.

It is in that vein that the NBPA Board of Directors has formalized the bidding process for hosting the annual conference. Below and attached, please find the bidding instructions that apply from this day forward (and will be applied to the 2018 annual conference selection process and thereafter).

  1. The submission should identify the person who is submitting the bid, who is hereinafter referred to as the “bidder.” The location that the bidder is seeking to have selected as the annual conference site is hereinafter referred to as the “proposed host city.”
  1. The deadline for submission is June 1 of year that is two years prior to the annual conference that the bidder desires to host. For example, the submission deadline for the 2018 annual conference is June 1, 2016. Submissions submitted after June 1 will not be considered for the annual conference that follows two years later.
  1. If the June 1 deadline is missed and should the bidder desire to have the bid considered for the annual conference that would follow three years later (i.e., 2019), the bidder must update the submission and resubmit it by the June 1 deadline (i.e., June 1, 2017 for the 2019 annual conference). Late submissions that are not updated and resubmitted pursuant to the process outlined herein will not be considered.
  1. The submission should be addressed to the NBPA secretary and sent to the secretary at The subject line must read, ____ (insert the year of the annual conference the bidder is bidding for) Annual Conference Bid from _______ (insert the proposed host city).
  1. The submission should be no more than 20 double spaced pages. At a minimum, it must include the following:
  • A detailed explanation of why NBPA should select the proposed host city including the city’s historical significance or involvement in, or relation to, current events that correlate to NBPA’s mission (i.e., St. Louis, Missouri’s (the 2016 annual conference host city) relation to the Michael Brown homicide and Ferguson, Missouri unrest);
  • An affirmative statement that verifies the support of at least one prosecutor’s office in the proposed host city (this may be in the form of a letter from the highest prosecuting official in that office addressed to the current NBPA Board of Directors);
  • The number of prosecutors in the proposed host city who have agreed to help host the annual conference;
  • The names, contact information, and capacity of hotels in the proposed host city that have verified their capacity to host an annual conference with approximately 250-400 attendees during July of the selected year;
  • A detailed list of potential excursions (evening events) that sets forth why the excursion would be meaningful (past events have included cocktail parties hosted by firms or prosecutors’ offices, boat rides, museum tours, etc.) and the projected estimated costs for the potential excursions;
  • A detailed list of potential speakers (including elected officials, professors, authors, prosecutors, non-profit organizations), who are qualified to address the NBPA conference attendees about current legal issues; and,
  • An agreement from the bidder that the bidder will be the primary point of contact for the NBPA Board of Directors and annual conference planning committee through the date of the annual conference. The point of contact is expected to communicate regularly with the NBPA Board of Directors and annual conference planning committee, and serve as the local contact person, who is on the ground to accomplish whatever is necessary to make the annual conference successful (i.e., meeting with vendors, site visits, etc.).
  1. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that the submitted bid complies with the foregoing. Submissions that do not contain the above information will not be considered or voted on by the NBPA Board of Directors.
  1. Any questions about this process shall be directed to the NBPA secretary at Please do not inquire about hosting an annual conference through any other means or median.

Should you have any questions or concerns about NBPA’s annual conference bidding process, please email the NBPA Board of Directors at The NBPA Board of Directors looks forward to considering your submission.

NBPA Annual Conference Bidding Process Cover Letter

NBPA Annual Conference Bidding Process Checklist

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