Erika Gilliam- Booker

Erika Gilliam- Booker

NBPA President


Thank you for allowing me to serve you another year. Last year, we were busy. We created new local chapters in DC, Tampa Bay, and Houston, engaged the community we serve, transitioned to electronic voting, and facilitated trainings in Africa. After 35 years of having a physical conference, we successfully executed our very first virtual conference: “The State of the Black Prosecutor: Empowered & Emboldened to Change the Narrative.” We discussed the Black prosecutor and the conundrum of consciousness, prosecuting police use of force, how to change the narrative by becoming head prosecutors in charge, and safeguarding our mental health. We have evolved by creating the Vice President of Legislative and Social Action position, which allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of social justice issues. Lastly, we created the Organizational and Leadership Development (O.L.D.) committee to support NBPA’s leaders, centralize informational data, and improve our brand.

We have been catapulted into a twilight zone, but we will have resolve. We have always been a strong family, and each year the conference has rejuvenated us to go back in the trenches and effectuate change. However, in current times we will need each other more than ever. We have to not only safeguard our mental health but also remind ourselves why being the gatekeepers of justice is our duty. This is most important during a time when all prosecutors must ensure that fairness is constant and justice is blind. To that effect, NBPA’s 2020-2021 theme is “Increasing our Visibility through Enrichment, Engagement, and Empathy.” Aligning with this theme, you can look forward to NBPA adding even more value to our membership beyond our annual conference. We will continue to enrich our members through increased local and national programming. We will continue to uplift and engage the communities we serve through programs and outreach, not only because we have an obligation but because they need them to know that we care. Most importantly, we will remain aware and empathetic to issues surrounding us, while also realizing the responsibility we have to place ourselves in uncomfortable situations and continuously push forward to change the narrative.

I am honored to serve you another year and look forward to seeing you in Chicago in 2021, where we will celebrate being “Agents of Change in the Courtroom and in the Community.”

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