The mission of the National Black Prosecutors Association (NBPA) is reflected in the organization’s commitment to the recruitment of blacks within the prosecutorial arm of the legal profession. It is to ensure not only retention of blacks in prosecution, but also to correct the dramatic inequity that exists with respect to black representation in the executive ranks of prosecutors’ offices. A further goal is to recruit, train and mentor younger aspiring lawyers for leadership roles in the years ahead.


NBPA’s culture of inclusive strategic planning has led to decades of success. As NBPA enters this next decade, President Erika Gilliam Booker and the Organizational Leadership & Development committee have begun the process of creating the organization’s next strategic plan and appointing a Steering Committee to provide insight and wisdom towards the development of a plan that will guide NBPA’s planning for the next five years.

An essential feature of successful strategic planning is to create opportunities for many voices to contribute their own vision for the future of NBPA. Please get involved and help create our community’s shared vision for NBPA’s next five years and beyond.


In January 2021, President Gilliam Booker launched the strategic planning process for the National Black Prosecutors Association. Guided by our vision, mission and core values, the process will:

  1. Solicit feedback from members and leadership regarding the content of the NBPA’s new strategic plan. Mandatory consultations will include, for example, engaging with members, chapter presidents, regional directors, the Executive Committee and leadership from external organizations.
  2. Develop formal vision and strategy statements, ensuring that NBPA maintains a flexible and agile posture.
  3. Articulate a list of NBPA’s core commitments and/or values.
  4. Assess NBPA’s existing strengths and current gaps relative to our aspirations.
  5. Describe NBPA’s opportunities, sources of differentiation and sustainable advantage, and contemporary societal dynamics that might shape NBPA’s success in the context of the competitive landscape of the legal profession.
  6. Articulate optimal strategies for the organization to enhance the role of Black Prosecutors in the legal profession as well as transform the criminal justice system.